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donna hull

Donna L. Hull

  • Certified Psychology of Eating Coach
  • Wellness & Health Coach
  • Life Coach

Donna is extremely caring and knowledgeable. She helped change the way I view food. I learned to be kinder to myself. She helped me to focus on health and wellness, not dieting.

...our one-on-one sessions brought so much clarity to how I regard myself, my body and my relationship with food. I now have a more positive outlook, I feel better, and I’m able to make healthier choices.

...Donna probes deeper than - "here eat this" or "don't do that". She spends time passionately discussing your goals and behavioral patterns. I would recommend Donna's services to anyone seeking insight into living a healthier life free of guilt.

Donna genuinely has a passion for helping individuals with weight management, nutrition and body image issues. She helps them discover an inner connection that positively changes their personal life journey for a healthier, happier and more spiritually fulfilling experience.

Donna's life purpose is to help others refine their journey for the betterment of the individual. She helps her clients transform, heal and grow in order to enjoy their lives to the fullest. By guiding them through newfound dynamic eating habits, empowering food choices and making spiritual connections with the universe, she takes individuals to a higher level of body image awareness.

She believes in helping others discover the important messages in the mind-body communication process. She shows them how to find peace, serenity and an overall acceptance with their bodies.

Donna is graduate of the Institute of Psychology of Eating and is a Certified Psychology of Eating Wellness Coach.


With a world so filled with pain and frustration around weight, it’s time to start a beautifully soulful, fresh and innovative approach to understanding and loving what you already possess and discover your biggest strengths just waiting to rock your world into a healthier person.

We are so overwhelmed with what’s wrong for us through mixed messages, diets galore, eat this, don’t eat that, cut that out, exercise more… that it’s time to focus on the what’s truly right for us. The good news is that those tools are “easily”, I repeat, “easily” accessible within ourselves once we have found our mind-body connection and begin our healing journey.

At Body Image Wellness Center with lovingly guided solutions and strategies, our mission is to help you find your inner-wisdom and show you how to use it to become a healthy, happier you.

We believe everyone deserves to feel blessed in a manner that allows them to feel confident and cherish and honor their bodies. You can begin to see yourself more clearly, to understand, accept and “Live Life” with more joy, peace, grace and love. Begin to live your life in the moment, the present.

When someone connects with the mind and body, it is not only inspirational but life changing.

At Body Image Wellness Center, we want to help you achieve your wellness goals!