A Sustainable Approach to Weight Management
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Positive Behavioral Change


We don’t need “fixed” because we are never truly “broken”; we are just human beings consistently on a journey of awareness to cultivate our lives, bodies and souls.
We just need a little help rearranging our beliefs and getting in-tune with what our bodies are really looking for such as:

  • Profound inner and outer expressions
  • Recognition of what your body is teaching you
  • Openess to the truth
  • A personal growth opportunity
  • Free and peaceful relationship with food

Balance - Mind, Body and Soul

When the spirit heals… the body heals!

Let Body Image Wellness Center help you get to the core of your eating issues with weight gain and weight retention, you can achieve:

  • Wholeness
  • Empowerment
  • A Higher Purpose
  • Personal Worth
  • Inner Awakening

Lifestyle Management

Start today! Stop the unhealthy, toxic, hateful and judgemental relationship with your body and learn to strengthen and arm yourself through:

  • Body love relationship with food
  • Freedom from toxic thinking
  • Mindfulness
  • Internal Spark
  • Personal realization and growth
  • Arrival at a proper balanced place
  • Transformation