A Sustainable Approach to Weight Management
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A NEW Experience In WEIGHT LOSS!

BODY IMAGE WELLNESS CENTER is OFFERING WEIGHT LOSS WORKSHOPS that “YOU” can set-up yourself with friends, family and/or coworkers.

Just get 4 or more people together that want to lose weight and get a solid, realistic and sustainable hold on their relationship with FOOD, BODY IMAGE, HEALTH and just feeling AWESOME in THEIR SKIN!

CONTACT DONNA TODAY at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 937-477-6614 for more information and to set-up your workshop(s).

Get started loving the body you have, in order to get the body you want!

Cost: $15 per person per workshop.
Packages Include: $52 for 4 workshops.

Workshops are 60 minutes each

Create YOUR OWN Community Based Weight Loss Program!

It has been proven that in order to be successful on a weight loss journey, you need to belong to a community of individuals going down the same yellow brick road of body shifting that you are: a road towards a healthier, thinner and more energetic YOU!

With Weight Loss Workshops you'll enjoy an opportunity to help each other, sharing and comparing successes and obstacles on your weight loss journey.

In addition to being part of your very special community, the workshops will be led by Donna L. Hull, Certified Psychology of Eating Coach. Donna will be using new cutting edge approaches called Dynamic Eating Psychology and Mind-Body Nutrition where she’ll help you dig deeper into relationships with food, weight loss, body image and nutrition. AND, she’ll help you build a "WORKBOOK" full of tools, mind-body centered tips, breathing techniques, relaxation exercises, personal improvements to avoid emotional eating, and much more to use "for life" on your weight loss and health journey.

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Successful Weight Loss = Doing It TOGETHER!

  • Learn More About Your Body Image!
  • Relate to Like-Minded People Around Weight Loss Struggles!
  • Hop On That Yellow Brick Road to Body Shifting Into a Healthier, Happier YOU!
  • Get Tons of Eating Psychology Coaching from Donna!!!

START Your Weight Loss Today!!!

  • • Be Successful!
  • • Be Happy!

Bring a friend or family member!"

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